Not a Life Partner

Not a Life Partner
April 11th 2013:
Speaking of dates. My wife and I are trying out our friend Emily Care Boss's two player storytelling game, Breaking the Ice. A game where you create characters and explore how they would react on three dates: think Romantic Comedy RPG. In your narration you touch on character points to generate dice, you use the dice at the end of the turn to generate attraction or compatibility. We learned the rules last night, and have set up a Doctor Who side character RomCom style scenario. It got late so we're saving it for another evening when we're both more free but we're pretty excited about it.

Board Game Art: Breaking the Ice

Barry Deutsch created most of the illustrations for Breaking the Ice, and uses the two tutorial characters to illustrate (hehe) some cool points of the game. When you play Breaking the Ice you choose a trait of the other player and build a character around that trait for yourself. And visa versa. Often it's a gender swap. Thus the characters Jed and MeiMei become June and Mitch, respectivly. The idea is to break out of your comfort zone a little and in getting into your character's head, get into the other players head a bit too.

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