Oh Matt Leacock

Oh Matt Leacock. . .
April 2nd 2012: Lots of News Today
-Cameo Contest Still running
-Wil wheaton debuts Table Top
-And Board Game Geek is still down

Anyway, todays background is brought to you by C.B. Canga , the artist from Forbidden Island. I have a lot to say about the differences and simularities between Forbidden Island and Pandemic, but that's enough informtion for several blog posts. Also . . .

Cameo Contest: With the last cameo comic up on the site, the Contest Begins. The first person to e-mail me naming the most characters that have made a cameo in these five strips will get a free Art Commision. There are a total of 20 characters, the polls will be open for two weeks or until somebody guesses all 20 characters. We've had some great guesses so far. Best of Luck!

Forbidden Island © Game Wright