Little Sacrifices

I've made worse puns

Feb 25th 2010: Oops missed a day, again the result of the school year, and I apologize.

I've recently fallen in to playing a lot of Small World lately, picked up an expansion pack as well, Be Not Afraid, which adds that littl bit of variety to keep the race/power combos fresh.

There's a lot to say about Small World, but for now I'm interested in the expansion. There's three SW expansions in my local hobby shop, a box, and two that look like magazines. The price on them varied, two simply added variety to the existing game (Be Not Afraid and Grand Dames), and one added a sort of one vs. all scenario (Necromancer's Isle, highly recomended). It just struck me how much modulation could be done to a game by adding a few simple pieces and simple rules.

Beyond expansions, I've seen a slew of online content, web scenarios, and home rules on various forums, but it's always very scattered, not always tested well, and game-centric. Wouldn't it be cool to see a custom scenario that's a mash-up of games, or streamlined/spell checked scenarios that play without kinks or bugs . . .

I think online content is moving this way, I think a cool centralized blog or website would make it all the better.I don't have the means to do it, just a thought, but maybe it already exists. For are not these nets vat and uncharted?

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