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Quick Rules
January 28th 2013:
So, exciting news. I will be hosting a panel on Board Game Culture at PAX East 2013 this year. Alongside me with be Samuel Liberty and Kevin Spak from this awesome Ted Talk, as well as Daniel Solis, Board Game Designer Extraordinaire. We're putting together a little presentation for any of you folks attending PAX East 2013 this year. Sphinx Theater. 4PM. Saturday.

A Preview
-Wood For Sheep:
The What and Why of Board Game Culture-

Did you wake up five years ago to find your friends pushing wooden cubes around a board? From the first import of Settlers of Catan to the kickstart of Zombicide we are living in a Board Game Renaissance. Phenomenon like BoardGameGeek.com and Wil Wheaton's Table Top are changing the way we talk about games. Join us in examining how board games impact their players, and how that translates into gamer culture.
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