Come with me, if it's your Turn

Come with me, if it's your Turn
January 31st 2013:
We've added Emily Care Boss to our cadre of panelists for the panel at Pax East 2013. Very exciting, you should expect good things. Speaking of good things, board game art thursday!

Board Game Art: The Avengers

I know, I know, I'm beginning to repeat myself. After seeing the Avengers from earlier this month, a reader pointed me in the dirrection of this piece of art. From, Daniel Kamarudin, this massive piece inspires the highest of high fantasy. Run through his archive to see each Avenger in all their glory. While Denis Medri's Avengers fit right at home in the pages of a Dungeons and Dragons manual, the super saturated style from Daniel makes me wish that there were Avenger's Magic Cards. Plenty of epic to go around these days.

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