Acquire Tapioca, Disregard Orderlies

Acquire Tapioca, Disregard Orderlies
January 3rd 2013:
Welcome to Winter, Jeeze. It is very cold. 'How cold is it?' Cold enough that, seriously, lets not joke about how cold it is. If you missed it, we had some seasonal board game ideas for Board Game Idea Monday, this week. In other news, this week's board game art comes in the form of sweet cuppin' cakes.

Board Game Art: Pandemic Cupcakes

Pandemic Themed Cupcakes from Food Replicator Kirsten Wright. I'm not sure if I'd trust myself to eat one of the plague cupcakes . . . then again, if I had the cure cupcake nearby it wouldn't be a problem. . .? Kirsten works on recreating food from Star Trek, but has also made lovable Cluedo Cake. As a fellow foodie, I'll certainly be following her for recipes.

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