An Orderly Fashion

Volume 1
July 28th 2012: Thank you readers for the time off, I feel like we've used the time fairly effectivly. The website has received a major overhaul, one that was a long time coming and I feel like we've dove a pretty good job both visually and with features. Feel free to click around and let me know if you find any problems. In terms of the comic, I feel like we've had the chance to set a course towards improvement. Over the course of the comic I think we've certainly come quite a ways, and there's still a lot more ground to cover, but we're hoping to grow consistently and in the right dirrection. So Volume 2 isn't going to begin right away, for the next few weeks we'll be running a brief mini-arc based off of the XKCD comic, Explorers . I'm uh . . . still waiting to hear back from Randal about permissions, but hopefully he wont mind. It's one of my favorite strips and I certainly feel like there's a whole board game universe out there for Bishop and Knight to Explore.

~The Author M~