Think They Got It Frikken Backwards
March 21th 2013:
PAX is over and what a relief! Me and my copanelists put a lot of work into our panel, and when the time came? We hit it out of the park. Expect video soon.

The other panel, 'The Impact of Video Games on Board Games' was actually an interesting forray into how gamer culture is melding into one giant feedback loop. Both for designers and gamers. Trends seem to influence both, and players seem to play both. Made sense as was not at all a patronizing here's-how-video-games-are-better-than-board-games-etc. They were actually all quite reasonable and solid gamers themselves.

Pictured above is Geoff Engelstein designer of Space Cadets. He made some great points in his panel, and I got to play his prototype for Space Cadets Warp Duel, which takes the idea of cooperative real time dice game and maxes out the awesome. Be on the look out for it, the game blew me away. (My team also won, so theres that)

Board Game Art: Small World Sprites

Taxis is a pixel artist of incredible calibur. With sprites rendered in low-fi with awesome color and character. To see the full cast of Small World in 8-bit made me smile quite a bit.

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