Quarrel Sir?

Oh yeah, this'll be a good fight
November 30th 2010: Oh cyber monday, why do you hate my wallet so much. Pandemic on the way from B&N at 25% off. Still can't get over the time they had Battlestar Galactica on clearance at 50% off, and I got another 10% off with the membership card. It's not like I was going to not buy it.

Also at Chitag, purchased Storytellers by Live Oak Games, I've been looking for a game that promotes storytelling and this is really just thingI'll wait till I try it out, but I'm pretty excited about it. Things've been hectic what with college graduation on the horizon, thanksgiving last week . . .Just generally everything that has been going on is pretty crazy. That happen to you? Yeah I feel for you, kinda sucks. Kinda just want to play some boardgames.

~The Author M~

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