Listings of some important resources you should know about if you're interested in Board Games or Webcomics.

My Webcomic Heroes

Dork Tower
  Order of the Stick
  Penny Arcade
  Girl Genius
  El Goonish Shive
The Wotch
  Zebra Girl
  Questionable Content
  Sam and Fuzzy
  Scenes from a Multiverse

Board Game Info

Board Game Geek The foremost website for anyone interested in playing Board Games. It is a dedicated community with a database that contains entries for over 45,000 Board Games, as well as bio's on industry designers. The forums on this site is where nearly any question or concern about board games is being addressed.

Discover Games An incredible resource for Board Game Designers, Inventors, and Fans. Anyone who is at all interested in the Board Game Industry needs to book mark this site.

Board Game News Websites

The Dice Tower A highly renowned podcast, The Dice Tower offers some excellent information and some much appreciated enthusiasm. The podcast is incredibly thorough and offers some incredibly sincere and experienced reviews.

Purple Pawn Purple Pawn keeps current on Board Game news, and offers reviews and insight into a wide breadth of game types. They also maintain a podcast "Paper Money" regarding Board Game Business.

Bring your A-Game A great gamer blog with some really good interviews with Gamer icons. Look to this site for some really good insights into the latest games!

Global Toy News A thoughtful blog on all things related to toys and games, with incredible integrity and proffesionalism. OverBoard was featured in an article there.